onsdag 15. september 2010


It is almost a major heresy to suggest that anglers cast so that the fly is presented efficiently. There is a cult in fly-fishing that makes fly-casting something separate from catching fish. Fly-casting itself has gathered a full set of rigid taboos and rules. That formula for a correct cast has developed into tyranny of the tight-loop, high-speed delivery of the line. Actually, this "correct" delivery does not help the angler catch trout on a stream; it usually hinders that effort by eliminating slack.

Gary LaFontaine: Caddisflies 1981


Tom Tveitan Photography


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  1. Dette var både morsomt (snøret ser ut til å leve sitt eget liv;O) Og nydelige toner og kontraster. Får faktisk lyst til prøve dette av å se bildet!